New Beginnings?

Took a break in the action because, well, things were just getting too dicey there for a few days.  Resting up, settling into a rhythm of sorts and planning on getting back into “God in the Yard” in the next couple of days.

I had a dream the other night, one that really shocked my senses!  I dreamed I was in the process of giving birth to triplets!  Wow, talk about something that almost makes you sit bolt upright in bed!  I remember that two were already born and the third one was taking it’s time.  There were a lot of people in the room, details are already beginning to fade, but it was so real.  I’m not a dream analyzer, so it left me puzzled a bit.  Then I remember that I had recently borrowed a couple of books from a friend on dreams and tore into them.  It seems that dreams about babies can mean new beginnings and dreams about birth can mean the Word of God coming forth, pain and/or suffering (don’t like that one much), new seasons of purpose and destiny coming forth.  This dream has actually turned into something I find intriguing and encouraging.  My life is at a crossroads.  Change is coming even though I don’t know much beyond that.  But I find the dream an encouragement that God is working in my life and I’m ready.

I recently read Hosea 10:12…”Sow for yourselves righteousness; reap in mercy; break up your fallow ground, for it is time to seek the Lord, till He comes and rains righteousness on you.” NKJV  The context that I read had to do with breaking up your fallow ground.  We used to live on a small farm and our acreage was in very bad shape.  We found someone who was willing to sharecrop with us.  He tilled the soil many times because it had become hardened from misuse, lack of crops and fertilizer, and rains that had compacted it into very hard soil…it had become useless soil.  The ground had to be broken up into very fine soil, fertilized, planted, and watered in order for it to become productive soil again, bearing fruit.

This passage of Scripture really spoke to me about a part of my life that had become dry, hard ground.  No fruit was coming forth, or perhaps it was waning.  This year has turned into a year of breaking up my soil, my routine, my sometimes poor ways of looking at life, my habits.  It’s been a year of challenge, yes.  But, I’m able to look back now and realize that while hard to face and continue going forward at times, I’m so glad I didn’t bolt.  Am I learning to trust Him more in the ways that He’s bringing about transformation in my life?  I hope so…it’s been a long time coming!

So, my birth dream encourages me.  After a long, hard year, I’m ready for new things, beginnings, perhaps a new season of purpose and destiny.  Pain and suffering?  Well, there has been some of that this year, so I’m taking my analysis into my own hands and stating that God has brought me through the pain and suffering of the year and now He’s going to deliver me unto the new beginning.  I’m looking for you Jesus…I’m ready for what you have for me.

3 thoughts on “New Beginnings?

  1. Linda, this is great. We could all use a little plowing us but what a good word for the new year. I am also looking to see what God has next on his agenda. I go back to teaching the middle of January. I am looking forward to that and I am writing away which is a priority. Perhaps this will be a priority for you as well. I am talking about beginning that book…God bless you my friend…

  2. Thank you Wanda for your encouragement. You inspire me, my friend! Glad you’re working on the two books you mentioned earlier to me, they are important ones and I look forward to their coming out. Along with the dream came a possible beginning to my book…pray for me for the discipline I need to get going on this project! Blessings over your 2011, it’s going to be a good one!

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