Declaring the Red Sea to Part


I am declaring today.  I am declaring with my mouth, “Lord split the Red Sea in my life!”  I believe the Bible is our blueprint for living.  I believe that what is shared in the Bible is the living, breath of God, there to show us the way through the circumstances of our life.  I believe “Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today and forever.” Heb 13:8. I believe God answers the cry of our hearts.  I believe the Lord desires us to ask and then not to doubt.

I am asking today.  Lord, I’m standing on this side of the Red Sea of my life, facing the impossibilities.  I know you want what I’m asking because it lines up with Your Word.  So today I’m declaring the sea to part while I cannot yet see the miracle of Your love.  Come Lord Jesus!

Will you join me?

Happy New Year

It’s a fresh year.  New beginnings.  Standing slightly past the crossroad of a new time, a scripture comes to mind.  “Stand at the crossroads and look; ask for the ancient paths, ask where the good way is, and walk in it, and you will find rest for your souls.”  Jeremiah 6:16

This scripture offers a key for us, given to us by the ancients.  Stand at the crossroads and look.  Oh I look all right, but all too often I leap before I’ve taken proper bearings on where I’m going this day.  I’m often in too big a hurry to get on with things and I fail to notice the subtleties of my surroundings.  Yet if I would but look, I might see the person who needs attention, the dog who would love to go for a walk, encouraging me to take in my surroundings and breathe, the situation that needs attention and if I would just do it, I wouldn’t have to look at it any longer.  Look…

Ask for the ancient paths.  We are reminded over and over in the Bible to “ask”.  How often do I ask for help, for directions?  Certainly not often enough.  It is so easy to get lost these days.  The pace sweeps over us, leaving too busy and technological vapor trails swirling around our heads.  When the cloud settles, it can become a chore to get your bearings for the day and to know which way you are to turn.

Ask where the good way is.  Sometimes we might ask for the way, but I believe that the Lord wants us to ask specifically for things.  Am I asking for the good way?  There are a thousand ways out there, most of which will delightfully take you down paths that either lead nowhere, to destruction, or lead you far astray from where you intended to go.  There are prices to pay to travel on enticing roads ; it seems the Lord generally leads us down the roads less traveled.  Ask…

Walk in it.  Walk in it is a directive, a command.  One foot in front of the other, over and over again will take you down the road less traveled.  I need to keep moving.  The movement keeps my momentum up.  The definition of momentum is the strength or force that allows something to grow stronger as time passes.  Growing stronger, walking in it.  This is good.  Walk in it…

Find rest for your soul.  When I listen and look carefully, ask for directions along the way, and walk it out, there’s a promise connected to it.  I’ll find rest for my soul.  How restful am I feeling these days?  Taking the pulse of my days, I am feeling rested.  Oh this is so good Lord.   Find rest for your soul…

I believe Jesus followed ancient paths, laid out for Him in the long ago.  He established a life rhythm, fixing it as our model for spiritual health.  His principals are always relevant, irreplaceable and void of improvement.  He knew what Jeremiah had to say in this section of scripture and I think He added one more important ingredient:  spending time with His Father.

Jesus was a very busy man once His ministry started.  Think about a modern day idol, star, or sports figure.  They have a hard time getting away from the crowds.  Jesus was much the same.  He knew He had to get away somewhere to regroup, get rested, and receive new marching orders from His Father.  While different than us in that He knew the exact path He would be following, nonetheless Jesus found it absolutely necessary to check in with His Father…often.  And so off He would go, to some quiet place, away from everyone, to get rested, filled, and back on course.

I believe we would do well to follow this key, presented to us very specifically in the Word of God.  Look carefully, ask for the ancient paths, the good way to go and take bearings often.  Ask Father God for His directions and make sure your map is updated (check in with your Father) often.  Then walk in it.  The rest and peace of His plans will become a welcome friend.  Hello 2014…it’s time to get my bearings.