God in the Yard – Week 1 Recap

One week of sitting quietly.  Asking questions.  Pondering.  Savoring quiet.  Journaling.  Hearing God.  Seeing God in surprising places.  Sweet!

I’ve asked the Lord to show me His face this week.  I’ve asked Him to open my eyes, ears, heart, mind, and spirit this week.  He’s spoken to me through His word, nature, snow, and contemplation this week.  I realize that perhaps I’ve been too hard on myself somewhat, that I really do hear Him…sometimes.  When I take the time, I hear.  Hmmm, me thinks there is something important in that statement!

Sweet, sweet Spirit of God help me.  Help me to learn your ways better.  Help me to not be so hard on myself, at least on the perfectionism side of me.  I want it to be right, every single time.  Not very realistic, huh God?  I’m not perfect, so how can I even expect myself to be such?  The flip side of that is help me Lord to search more for you.  Go with the flow.  Hear you, perceive the directions you are whispering in my ear.  Help me trust that what I’m hearing is correct and the way.  Open up my senses, the discerning of spirits that you have for me.  I’m fully capable of discerning what is you and what is not, I just need your help in developing that gift more.  I want it.

This is my week just passed.  As you’ve attempted to find God in the Yard, what have you heard?

One thought on “God in the Yard – Week 1 Recap

  1. Linda, How delightful… I love your falling snow. I can see you sitting in your yard talking to God. I smile because we all want to hear from God and be correct. Linda, I love your words and your honor to God. Keep these blogs coming. Wanda

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