God in the Yard – Transitions

Sat in my front yard this morning.  My goal is to “sit” quietly each day for at least, well, we’ll see how that goes.    I forgot my Bible this morning, so I just sat.  Five inches of snow muffled the sounds .  Oh so quiet in the neighborhood this morning.  I could hear a bird chitter off west of me.  A cottontail bunny hopped cautiously across the canal bank in front of me.  A glorious wintry morning.

I came in and journaled for about a half hour.  The Lord led me through a time of thinking about transitions.  Funny thing about transitions…they often end up in us thinking way too much about ourselves.  I’m in a transition right now and as I read from some notes I’d taken recently at a conference, I spotted myself right off.  Yep, thinking too much about myself in this transition time.

Transition means to shift, a passage from one state, stage, subject, or place to another; change.  I can get so muddled up in where I’ve been and where should I be going that hours and days can pass and I still don’t know where I am or where I’m going.  Sound familiar?  Well, this morning, God met me in this place called transition.  He said, “it’s not about you, Linda!”  Ouch!  “Well Lord, if it’s not about me, then what is it about?”  And almost instantaneously I recalled the passage in John 21 when Jesus asks Peter, “do you love me?” three times.  Peter kept answering that of course he loved Jesus.  You know our Lord’s response…”if you love me, tend to and feed my lambs”.  I’ve got to get my focus off of myself!  I heard this morning that I’m to love God and love others.  That’s it.  Pretty easy, huh?  I fail miserably at this so much of the time.  But, I can get back on this horse and start afresh.

Today the Lord encouraged me.  Love Him and love others.  I can do this.  The transition will take care of itself!  Thanks Lord…

One thought on “God in the Yard – Transitions

  1. I love how sitting, especially outside, opens us… slowly, surprisingly. So glad to read of your discovery about where you are in terms of transitions. I love snow too… so happy to see it falling here and there in your yard. 🙂

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