What Do You Expect to Leave When You Enter In?

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Years ago a friend made the comment, “Before I walk into church every Sunday I ask God, ‘who do you want me to spend time with today Lord?’.”  That really caused me to think.  Did I ever offer myself to the Lord on my way into church?  To that point, no!  But that one question changed up the rules for me.

I have to admit that prior to this important question, I went to church for me.  I wanted to worship, I wanted to get fed, and I wanted a bit of time away from my child so I could think.  I was so self-focused and church was my time.  But that day, God chose to speak to me through a friend’s comment.

I next found myself in a wrestling match of sorts.  I had to face the fact that I’m not very good in crowds.  Put me one-on-one with someone and I can banter and carry on for hours.  But, a crowded room presents some issues.  What if the person I choose to talk to doesn’t want to talk to me?  How do I begin a conversation with someone I don’t really know?  What on earth should I say?  On and on my thoughts went, pushing up against my own self-imposed limits having to do with self-worth.  Thankfully the Lord has helped me over the years to basically get over myself and realize that I can be used, in big ways and in small ways, to speak into others’ lives.

So I want to challenge you today.  When you go to church, or into your office, perhaps into the grocery store or the coffee shop, would you please consider that God might want to use you in someone’s life?  When you enter in, what exactly do you plan on leaving behind?  I believe God wants us to realize that we are His hands and feet to this dying world, and if someone needs a touch from God, it’s going to have to come from us Christians roaming around town!  Could He do it another way?  Well, He’s God, of course and He doesn’t need us, but I believe He really wants to use us for such purposes.

The procedure is really quite simple.  As my friend did, simply ask God before entering the workplace, store, church service, etc., “who do you want me to touch base with today Lord?”  Give Him a few moments and I believe He’ll tell you.  If you’re not impressed immediately, go ahead and go in but be alert to His still, small voice that may direct you as you encounter various people.  Also, realize that this encounter may not be profound; but then again, it may not only change someone else’s life, it could actually change yours as well!

This simple little exercise is going to stretch you, but stretching never hurt anyone and it is actually quite good for us.  After I heard my friend, I began to allow myself to be stretched.  When I enter in, I look around the room.  I don’t always hear from God; sometimes I just observe until I see someone I haven’t met yet, someone wearing a look that tells me they aren’t happy, or perhaps feeling a little intimidated at being there.  Watch for the signals and be aware that God might be speaking to you.  And then step out.

I never used to think about what I left behind.  I’m praying these days that I’m leaving a good taste in someone’s life when I walk away from them.  It may only be a “hello” but it just might be the most important hello you’ve ever spoken.  God wants to use you.  As you enter in this week, what are you going to leave behind?