Good News From Yesterday’s Silence

imageYesterday was eerily quiet.  Good Friday, the day our Lord died on the cross came and went.  That day was filled with activity, pain and sorrow.  Emotions were high.  The man who had days earlier told truths unheard of and performed signs and wonders was now dying a death reserved for common criminals.  The wonder had died down and the masses went home.  Nothing much else to see here.

Saturday was a new day but it was quiet.  All the hopes of this man truly being their deliverer had died as He took His last breath.  The disciples, for the most part, had dispersed.  We aren’t told but I imagine Peter was heartsick; he had denied knowing his Lord just as Jesus had said he would.  Can you imagine the guilt?  The happenings of the past three years that had caused folks to be giddy with hope, were now over.  This man, the one they hoped would deliver them from the Romans rule, was gone.  No delivering, no freedom, nothing to look forward to.  Might as well go back to the fields, back to the merchant booths.  Life was back to usual.  There was nothing else to look forward to.  Hope died.

Sunday dawned.  The women went to the tomb to beg for His body so they might take care of Him properly.  As they walked, sorrow was deep.  But suddenly, this new day took on a look quite unexpected.  An angel of the Lord appeared and everything changed.  Instead of it being two days after the death of all their hopes, they suddenly found a new assurance had risen in their hearts.  He was not there in the tomb!  The angel told them so, that He had risen.  All the pain, all the grief changed in one brief second with an encounter from heaven.

We need to remember this encounter.  How many times have you faced grief, sorrow, and pain and then despair in the intervening quiet?  We so often fall right into the enemy’s plan to discourage us by believing that the silence after the storm is where we will remain.  Not so, according to the wonderful story of our Lord.  Saturday followed the horrible scene from the day before and, for most, it seemed a day of disappointment and despair.  But we know from history that Sunday brought a new deal, a promise of hope, a turn in circumstances so radical that everything changed.

The Word tells us that Jesus left this world on Friday and all was quiet the next day.  From the surface it seemed nothing was happening.  But the glorious truth is that much was happening in God’s economy.  Jesus descended into hell to take back the authority of heaven and earth.  No one could witness that act and so it seemed that all was lost, all hope gone.  Not so.  Sunday came and with it, the promise of a new deal.  The Messiah truly was the Deliverer!

My hope today is all in Him, my Savior and Redeemer.  When circumstances arise that appears to be never-ending, I have but to remember that in the quiet day of despair, my Savior is working, unseen, to change my situation.  My Sunday is coming and He will redeem the day.  As before.  As always.  Of this I am sure.

Keeping my eyes on Him, my Savior and my hope.

2 thoughts on “Good News From Yesterday’s Silence

  1. Keep them coming. You are one excellent writer and you always give me things to think about. This one is very special…Hugs.

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