You Are Loved

space-624054_1280I’m awestruck.  This morning at our church we showed this video, How Great is Our God by Louie Giglio,  I would encourage you to take the time (about 40 minutes) to watch this amazing video.  Not only does it give testimony of how wonderful and huge our God is, but it also gives a taste of how, in Louie’s words, “incredibly wonderful you are”!

Yes, our God is great and amazing and powerful and mysterious.  And, at the same time, He made each and every one of us to be simply and wonderfully loved.  Right down to the very cells that make us up.  Each cell accounted for.  Unique.  Special.  Profoundly different from every other human being on this teeny, tiny planet hurtling through space.

You are loved.  And you are prayed for.  Really.  Right now I’m sending up a prayer for each and every person who reads this blog.  I want the Lord to bless you.  I want Him to give you the kind of hug that makes you realize just how truly divine you are.

Lord, bless my friends this day and every day.  Give them a sense of You in their coming and going.  Help them see that You are in everything they experience, both the good and the not so good.  You are there, waiting for them to call out to You in every circumstance they find themselves in.  And Lord, would you give them a sense of the good You’re going to do no matter the circumstance?  Your Word tells us you are always working for us and You will turn every situation to our good.  I’ve witnessed You doing that in my life and so I know You are doing in each reader’s life also.  Watch over them, keep them safe.  And Lord, I pray You will utterly allow Your love to explode within them and they will feel it and see it happening.  Bless them, each and every one, Lord.  Amen

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