Releasing His Presence

A pastor friend, Garris Elkins, posted this on his FB page today.  “Teaching to release facts is a skill. Teaching to release the Presence is an anointing.”  When I read this, something inside of me leaped.  There’s a difference.  What is it?

Jesus spoke to my heart in the next moment.

Sharing out of our love for Jesus, and sharing our testimony with the passion of Him who created us, releases His Presence to others.  Every time.  I love that the Word says, “the testimony of Jesus is the spirit of prophesy” Rev. 19:10.  To me, that means every time that I share Jesus’ impact on my life, His very presence in & through MY testimony, His Glory is released to those that hear…and wham! nothing is ever the same again!  It makes me excited EVERY time and then He makes my excitement contagious.  Thus, His Presence is released and transformation happens.  We serve a truly amazing God!

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