Snow in my yard…and so is God!

Fresh snow is beautiful and it often causes me to contemplate.  It’s very quiet outside, save for the crunch of snow beneath my feet.  The birds fly by and I can actually hear their wings beating in the air.  As I drove out of the driveway today, a perfect three-point buck startled some 50 feet from me and started running in the same direction as my car, his attempt at getting away from me.  Back at home, there are rabbit tracks through the snow at the front of our house, funny little tracks like no others.

The snow has caused me to consider deep things.  I’m wanting desperately to hear God today, His answers to questions I have in regards to communication issues with people I love.  I find myself turning the issue around and around in my mind, wanting to stop any crazy thoughts I hold stubbornly to and which will not allow me to enter into His holy place of understanding.  I wrote quite awhile ago about the fact that any situation we find ourselves in is not unknown to God…He has a way He would prefer I go through it.  That’s what I want.  His way through this.  His way means I have to be willing to lay down my way through it and therein lies the rub.  What am I holding onto that is not healthy, reasonable, open, rational about this issue?  It’s similar to looking at a snow-globe; turning it slowly, slowly, looking at it from every angle, caught up in the awe of the thing.  I can’t quite see the awe of this situation, yet I know it’s there because my God says He will turn everything to good.

I’m reminded that I’ve made an invitation to others to join me in spending time with God.  Yes, there’s a difference between listening for God in regards to issues and listening for Him to get familiar with His voice.  Or is there?  Both require me to lay aside my own agenda, my angle, myself.  I can’t hear Him if I’m all caught up in myself.  God’s desire is that I would worship and praise and have a thankful heart toward Him.  That’s all.  He wants relationship with me.  Period.  In this moment I think He’s asking me to lay this issue down and just come be with Him.  That feels right with me.  I can always come back to the issue but right now, I just need to be with God.  I suspect that the awe of the thing will come as I am willing to let go.

You’ve just spent a few moments with me as I processed here.  Hope I didn’t make you uncomfortable, but my writing, as you might remember if you read my home page, is my way of encouraging myself.  I don’t know the answer at this moment in time.  But I’m willing to wait with God over this one.  I know that I know He cares for me and if something is an issue for me, He wants to be a part of, and a solution to it.  That’s all I’m hearing at this moment.  That’s enough.  I think I just encountered God in my yard!

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