A small space…

I’m reading a new book, “God in the Yard” by L.L. Barkat.  It’s about spending time with God.  OK, so you know I’ve been attempting to purpose setting aside time with God so I learn to hear His voice.  Well, that’s kind of what this book is about.  The author had also been on a quest to seek out God, but couldn’t get past the limitations of her own life.  We so often sabotage our own attempts at spending time with God for various reasons…I don’t have time, I can’t find a good place to do it, I can’t afford to “retreat”, etc.  Yep, I’ve gone to all these places myself.

Well, this author decided that God was calling her to her own backyard.  She struggled to get past the fact that her neighbors might see her out there (so what?), that it was cold (bundle up), and that it didn’t seem as cool as going out into the woods somewhere (oh well).

The questions I answered on my last posting were from her book.  This is an experiment for me.  I’m attempting to spend a little time with God in an insignificant place in my yard, answer her questions, and see what happens.  I’ve already decided that my small space may end up here in my living room looking out the window.  I’m not going to turn this into law!  But, being outside periodically can help you get in tune with God…there’s just something about bird sounds, wind, leaves blowing around, and so on that are conducive to clearing out the cobwebs and putting you more in tune to the Lord.

I’ve been interested in “silence” for a good many years now.  I still struggle with being silent before God.  I don’t know what’s up with that, probably more to do with a full agenda than in my ability to hear.  The full agenda keeps me from this time commitment with God.  So I’m purposing to slow down the agenda right now and I’m going to work my way through this book and see what happens.

If you’re interested in coming along, this could be a fun and perhaps interesting experience for us.  I’m going to camp in chapter one for a bit, so you have time to order a copy of her book if you want.  I’ve made up my mind I’m NOT going to just sit down and read it through, which is my normal bit.  Instead, I’m going to read, savor, and pause as I go.  I’m forcing myself to NOT go to chapter two until I’ve answered all her questions.  Interested?  If so, let me know you’re onboard for this (reply to this post) and I’ll linger awhile longer while you get a copy.  I don’t know where we’re going, but it could be fun.  Even if no one answers, this is where I believe God is taking me…to a small space, to spend a bit of time, with the lover of my soul.

Have a blessed day in Him…

12 thoughts on “A small space…

  1. I have the book, and have already read chapter 1 and answered the questions, but was going to wait until the end of November to move on. I’d like to be posting about a chapter a week on my blog starting December 5 (random, I know), so that pace may be different than yours, but I would still really enjoy knowing I have someone to discuss my thoughts with.

    krista at cyburdine dot com

    • Yes, I’m in Krista. This is totally an experiment to me. New to blogging, wondering how this is going to work, but I’m open to just about anything right now. God is at work, I’m accepting where He’s taking me, I have no idea how it’s all going to happen, but YES, I’m in! I write pretty randomly right now, so your time frame and mine may just coincide anyway. See Heather’s post below…we’ll be waiting a bit if she decides to join us. The holidays are upon us, so it all seems feasible.

  2. I really want to get a copy of this. I have a tiny shed in my back yard that I want to turn into a retreat space. I need some motivation to get out there and get alone with him… and maybe a space heater.

    • Well Heather, grab a copy of the book and let’s see what happens. I’m very intrigued by this process and I really want to spend time with my God. I’ll wait a bit to proceed if you’ll acknowledge you’re onboard. Here’s to motivating each other…

  3. I am hesitant about this, as I am a very unformed Christian at this point in my life. I am not the legalistic fundamentalist I was several years ago, and I am not the New Age person I was up until this past March when I recommitted my life to Christ. However, I do not fit in at my church, and I cannot conceive of where I do fit in. I would like to spend time with God in my backyard with this group and figure this out. I would like to just spend time with God, period.

    I would like to participate in this group. I am unsure that I will be successful in making the time, but I would like to do my best. Could I also be a part?

    • Olivia:

      Sounds like you are being “wooed” by God, to come aside and spend some time with Him. God is so faithful to answer the cries of our hearts, especially when the cry concerns our desire to get to know Him. OF COURSE you can join in. I would recommend that you get a copy of the book (if you don’t have already) because I won’t be posting content here, just response to the author’s invitations.

      I want to encourage you to ask God about a church for you to participate in. Perhaps it isn’t where you are currently, but I firmly believe that there is a church home for you to grow within in your own community. How about visiting churches, all the while asking God to “quicken unto your heart” the church home He has in mind for you. I don’t pretend to understand this concept, I just know that the two times I’ve moved and needed a church home, I KNEW when I found the place God had for me. If you continue to have issues with this, let me know, perhaps I can help.

      Welcome aboard!

  4. I’ll be looking for the book this weekend. I like your plan not to have to plow through the chapters but to soak in it and let it soak in…hmmmm, hot tub time with God? A cure for my dry, aching bones? We’ll see. Looking forward to this adventure with you and God. Glad you’re writing.

    • Thanks Rene, we’ll see how this goes. Next week hope to get started in earnest. I love the concept of hot tub time with God! You might want to start by considering your own answers to the questions posted just before this one, “An Assignment from God”. That one was pretty easy…they will get a bit more challenging! Miss you…Linda

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