Dream Homes

Our son and his wife just bought a house.  It hasn’t closed yet, but it’s their dream home and they expect to be moving in slightly before Thanksgiving.  Actually, they have found themselves right smack in the receiving end of this confounded recession, purchasing a home that four years ago they couldn’t possibly have afforded.  Funny how things turn out.

My son grew up in the country.  He was very firm as a teenager about the fact that he wasn’t going to live in the country, just too boring and not enough to do.  So, as soon as he graduated, he began spending more and more time in the Portland area.  We would sigh in relief when he came home at night after a day and evening with friends in Portland.  He also spent quite a bit of time at Onyx House in Eugene where he met his future wife and the allure to be anywhere with Autumn pulled like a magnet on him.  Once they began dating in earnest, they too spent time in Portland.  They married and moved to the burbs of Portland.

Then the grandbabies came, one, two, three.  Suddenly we heard talk out of my son’s mouth about how he wanted his children to grow up with land around them, but they just couldn’t afford a house in the country.  They struggled with finances and learned some hard lessons over the past 10 years.  We kept telling them to talk to God about their dreams, that anything is possible, even as you climb out of error pits.  They took a Dave Ramsey class and heard what they needed to do about turning their financial issues around.  We’re so proud of them…they actually did what they learned and as of August, were debt free save for their home.  They kept looking for the dream home all this year and praying that God would help them find the right place.

I’m smiling as I write this because God is so incredibly good to us, His children.  He listens when we tell Him what the desires of our hearts are and I believe He really does want to give us every single one of them.  I can’t speak to the process that God goes through in determining which ones we get, but I’ve seen Him do this over and over in my life and now we get to watch Him do it in our son’s life.  Ask and you shall receive.  Sometimes it works, sometimes not, but if not, there is often a replacement that is so much better than what we asked for.  Our son and family will move shortly into the house of their dreams.  They didn’t think it was possible and yet this home is even more than they asked for; more room, more upgrades, more land than they thought possible.

Thank you Lord for your provision.  What a joy to look for your hand in every blessing.

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