Hearing God

OK, I’m curious.  Seems the subject of hearing God keeps coming up recently on my radar and in my life.  As I said earlier, you have to take time to listen for His soft voice.  Not so easy sometimes, other times it comes so natural.  I’m definitely needing to practice more, which of course means that I need to slow down so I actually provide some time to listen.

I’m wanting to hear him and that’s what I need practice at.  Sitting and praying, laying my requests at His feet and then waiting to hear from my Lord.  I do hear God sometimes through pictures He gives me and sometimes I become aware of Him through random people/ideas/thoughts that will pop into my conscious mind in answer to something I’m pondering.

So, how do you hear God?  What are the ways that you hear Him?  Is it in subtle ways or do you have conversations with Him all the time?  I want to know and I suspect, others would like to hear too.  What are all the ways you hear God?  Ready, set?  Go…tell us what’s on your mind!

One thought on “Hearing God

  1. I hear God everytime I start to worry about finances…..he always reminds me of how many times he has taken care of all my needs, and no matter what the amount….he has always provided right down to the penny at times! We have such an awesome Father!

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